2 Chainz Explainz: “The Brokered Convention”

Larry Wilmore invites 2 Chainz to help explain what a “brokered convention” is and how it works.

It’s looking more and more likely that Trump will have a real shot at the Republican nomination, but with Marco Rubio dropping out the race there’s another alternative – the “brokered convention.” Since this rarely happens, not many Americans know what that actually means (this writer included. Thankfully, Larry Wilmore had 2 Chainz on his show last night to explain to us.

Basically, a brokered convention is when no candidate gets enough delegate votes to reach the minimum (1,237 votes) to be named the presidential nominee. What happens? All the delegates get to vote again. Over and over again until some candidate finally reaches the required number. That’s the basics, but 2 Chainz explains it much better than we can.

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