2008 Short Film Starring Drake Surfaces Online

Watch Drake and OB O’Brien in a super awkward 2008 short film entitled “Us & Them.”

On the day that he would later surprise us all by dropping If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake released a moody, compelling short film that shared a titled with the tape’s closing track, “Jungle.” Now, thanks to Fader, we’ve learned of a much earlier short film that Drizzy starred in. 2008’s “Now & Then” just resurfaced online, and oh my god. Over the course of fourteen minutes, Drake and OB O’Brien star in some hijinks that are best described by the same term Mia Khalifa used to describe Drake’s attempt at hitting on her: “cringe-worthy.”

It seems that even seven years ago, it was too late for Toronto, Drake was already a motherfucking legend.

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