4Yall Entertainment & Boi-1da “23 More Types Of Rappers In The Studio” Video

Premiere: Boi-1da joins 4Yall Entertainment in “23 More Types Of Rappers In The Studio”.

If you’re not familiar, 4Yall Entertainment are a hip-hop comedy group based in Brampton, Ontario. We premiered their new mixtape,The G Is Silent last week, and today we’re happy to present the second installment to the group’s popular “Rappers In The Studio” sketch.

This time around, we get 23 more rappers you may know if you’ve spent any time in the lab, including the “The Confused Rapper,” “The Accent-Losing Rapper,” and a couple other names you might be familiar with. Grammy-winning producer Boi-1da joins the guys in this one, proving he’s got some serious comedic chops as well.

Category: Comedy, HipHop