50 Cent Speaks On Kanye’s Grammy Rant With People Magazine

Watch 50 Cent sit down with People Magazine for a brief Q&A.

To promote his upcoming underwear line FRIGO, 50 Cent made his over to People Magazine and sat down for a brief Q&A.

Before Fif talked about Kanye’s rant, he jokingly said ‘Ye would be a good fit for his line, and even impersonated Yeezus in the process (which was quite comical). But later, 50 was asked what he thought of Kanye’s Grammy antics, which he slightly dodged, but did say he thought Beck deserved to win over Beyonce.

“He (Beck) produced the record, wrote the record. There’s 11 producers on Beyonce’s album. Kanye being a producer and writer should see that” – 50 Cent

Maybe the best part of the entire interview though was when 50 talked about people not caring about the awards and establishments anymore. Fif went on to explain his reasoning and even how he felt for his first year snub, “I felt like I deserved “Best New Album” for my first album. The largest debut in rap record-13 million records sold and whens the last time you’ve seen Evanescence” – 50 Cent.

Watch the interview above.

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