Action Bronson: Actin’ Crazy

Action Bronson liberates “Actin’ Crazy” visuals.

The new video for Action Bronson’s Mr. Wonderful single “Actin’ Crazy” begins normally enough, with a cereal-eating Bronsalino shown strolling casually into a photo shoot, but then things get a little weirder. Standing in front of a green screen, the Queens MC is then shown piloting a rocket ship, getting hit by an asteroid, flailing in outer space and riding an animal with the head of an eagle and the neck of a snake, among many more equally ridiculous things.

These sort of neon, hallucinatory hijinks are exactly what we expect from Bronson at this point, but the “Actin’ Crazy” visuals will still keep you guessing at every turn. Watch and subscribe at GMinds!

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