Action Bronson Talks Rise To Fame, Keeping It Real on Skee TV

Action Bronson keeps it real in an interview on Skee TV.

In a 12-minute interview on Skee TV, Action Bronson touched on a wide variety of topics, but mostly he just came across as a very cool and down to earth dude.

Wearing New Balances and the Shia Lebeouf’s sun hat from “Holes,” Bronson, starts off by calling out Skee for keeping him waiting backstage for 90 minutes. He then went on to demonstrat his knowledge of the German language, professed his favorite language (Gaelic), named his least favorite food (baked salmon), and favorite Brosolino cut (“Easy Rider”). “‘Easy Rider’ is the song I’ve always wanted to make,” he said.

He spends a great deal of the interview discussing his rise to fame, calling it a “surprise.” He says his success hasn’t changed him and he strives to maintain a “meager” lifestyle. “Money, jewels, cars, we like that stuff but it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things,” he said. “That doesn’t really interest me. I’m interested more in the arts.”

Bronson performed “Easy Rider” for the Skee TV studio audience after his interview. He may be a chill dude, but he sure knows how to get live.

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