Action Bronson’s “Fuck That’s Delicious: Hawaiian Getaway”

Action Bronson heads out to Hawaii for the latest episode of “Fuck That’s Delicious.”

After a brief hiatus, Action Bronson returns today with the latest episode in his on-going food series “Fuck That’s Delicious.” In this clip, Action revisits a trip he took to Hawaii in December of last year for the Pipemasters competition by making poke, a local raw fish salad that he fell in love with while out there.

While running to the fresh markets with frequent producer and homie Alchemist, Bam Bam shows us how to cook up two different kinds of poke, the traditional kind and a vegan rendition. Later, we see footage of Action at a BBQ cooking up for some surfers at the RVCA house in Hawaii. Check out all that and more in the always entertaining clip above.

ICYMI, Action was confronted by Wu-Tang affiliate, Popa Wu, a couple weeks back at Sean Price’s wake for words he said (and apologized for) about Ghostface Killah. Check that story out here if you missed it.

Category: Comedy, HipHop