Adaeze – Battle Cry [User Submitted]

Adaeze releases “Battle Cry” which is the second single from the upcoming album, “3 Times A Dae”! This video highlights the battles and triumphs of what is one of the most resilient, unique and blessed regions of the world: The Caribbean. Beyond beaches, flora and fauna, one can find the magic which turns 3rd world nations into the home of history makers and world contributors!

She is known for powerful delivery of often ignored messages, unique flow, and of course, raising that blue, yellow and black flag high! Led by God, inspired by her surroundings, Adaeze is barely 2 years in the game and already creating quite a buzz! Her ability to compete with herself and always give a little more, a little better, keeps her following (known as DaeDreamers) on their toes. With a focus on inspiring others and experimenting artistically, Adaeze has all the plans in the world of leaving a mark in the music industry. Share your thoughts below!

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