Alex Dutty: Proud To Be White [User Submitted]

There is no getting away from it this track is set to turn heads. Immediately the title calls out the word ‘controversial’ and when you hit ‘play’ on the video URL you’ll be pretty sure that you’re about to witness a pretty ugly string of events.

Packed with visual stereotypes throughout the video, Alex Dutty tackles racism in a poetical and educated manner. Shot in an incredibly thought provoking and clever way, the visuals are high impact and cement the lyrical message by painting a picture of an individual through a collection of snapshots. Emotions run high as you watch events unfold, hearing the lyrics alongside the visual, not knowing what the outcome will be.

Drawing attention to the media, politics and political correctness, Alex Dutty goes out on a limb as he gives a clear message about self-confidence, self-pride and sharing a general love for your fellow man. Watch and subscribe at GMinds!

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