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Alexander Reyes, is a 20 year old hiphop artist from Vancouver Island, BC. Dedicated to raising awareness and motivating the youth to be more and strive for greatness, using the power of youth to make changes for all of humanity. “Ever since I was 8 years old I have had a passion for social justice and Hip hop music,” says Reyes. “So when I decided to start making music, social justice was the topic I chose to focus my message“.

Being inspired at very young age “Reyes” began rapping at the age 9. “The First show I ever performed, was at the age of 16 where I met the CEO of Independent Generation (Teus)”. A week later Reyes would began to take his music to the next level by enrolling in the IG Youth Development Program (IGYDP) at Independent Generation.

After 3 years of working under a professional environment and a great team behind him, Reyes has made leaps and bounds on a global level. Becoming a major contributor to raising awareness of the United Nations Development Millennium Goals, Reyes has traveled From Nicaragua to Tanzania with CWY, where he learnt to speak Massai with the help of local elder “Adam” and Swahili on his own. “This taught me the importance of becoming a global citizen” Alexander stated in an interview with Nanaimo News Bulletin.

“Over the years, I traveled to different countries to really understand what I was writing about. Through my travels, I learned more than I ever expected. This included the importance of Universal Primary Education from the conditions in Nicaragua to gender equality in Tanzania. ”

Since returning, Alexander has shown a promising start to raising awareness to young teens about various topics including Gender Equality, Education, and a global community through his start up initiatives. From Live Out Loud Youth Program meant to help youth express their voices in a professional environment to speaking at events, he has motivated others to seek the same knowledge he’s gained over the years.

Although the vanity of fame and stardom are not of importance to Reyes, he understands the power of media to deliver his message. In such light, Alexander was recently featured on international television as the centre piece on an episode of APTN’s “U=US” . Recent milestones that Alexander has achieved was being sponsored by Shaw Tv for the Black History Month of February, Not only was this a huge honour but a great platform for Alexander to let the world know he’s here, he has got a message, and now is his time.

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