Amy Schumer & Talib Kweli Perform Kanye West’s “Get ‘Em High”

Amy Schumer raps “Get ‘Em High” with Talib Kweli.

Out of Kanye West’s entire catalog, “Get ‘Em High” might be one of the most fun songs to rap along to. It’s also one of the most likely that someone who’s not necessarily a huge rap fan might know the words to. Amy Schumer decided to bust out some rhymes from the track at a recent event that found her alongside Talib Kweli on stage.

Schumer tore into the verse that features Kanye’s then-girlfriend Sumeke Rainey questioning that the rapper actually knew Talib (you know the one — “You mean Talib? Lyrics sticks to your rib”). She pulled it off, but unfortunately we only have a short Instagram clip of evidence.

You mean Talib Lyrics stick to your rib

Een video die is geplaatst door @amyschumer op

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