An Old Video Of Big Sean Rapping About Abstinence & Saying No To Drugs Has Surfaced

An old clip has surfaced that finds Big Sean rapping against drug use and sex.

Big Sean has BEEN rapping by the name Big Sean. Today a vintage video of a much younger Big Sean has surfaced, where he took part in a Detroit news segment that promotes abstinence and abstaining from drugs as well, while also shaming the current rappers (at the time) for promoting violence and all that fun shit. “Too many of these rappers are using sex to sell and drugs to sell, so we’re just approaching it a different way,” Sean says in the throwback clip.

It’s funny because fans of Boldy James may recall that Boldy used this news clip as an intro to his recent mixtape, Trapper’s Alley 2. I’ve been wondering where it was from.

Watch the news clip above, and make sure you stay til the end to peep the music video too.

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