Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Summarizes His Case

Hear what’s going on with Bobby Shmurda directly from his lawyer.

Complex headed to the office of Bobby Shmurda’s laywer, Kenneth Montgomery, to get briefed on Shmurda’s ongoing legal troubles.

Montgomery goes in to detail on Shmurda’s case, including trying to get him out on bail. He explains how Shmurda’s bail is $2 million despite the average income in his neighborhood being $44,000. Montgomery thinks that a lot of the charges are trumped up. “This is a show, you had the cops give a purp walk, you had the NYPD along with some other people issues pressers to everyone concerning this case. This is a show, and it’s unfortunate cause this young man’s life is on the line as a result of this thing,” Montgomery says.

Watch the full summary above.

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