Bomba Estéreo Ft. Will Smith – Fiesta (Remix)

Will Smith makes his return to rapping with Colombian band Bomba Estério. Watch the “Fiesta (Remix)” video.

Will Smith recently made his surprising return to music by remixing a track by a Colombian band by the name of Bomba Estério, who he apparently discovered while vacationing in the country. “Fiesta” was a mash-up of traditional Colombian music and EDM, so the only thing missing was a fresh verse from 47-year-old Will Smith, right?

The video shows a bunch of possessed, neon-painted dancers practicing some sort of spiritual ritual in an abandoned warehouse. The party, and the spirit dance, doesn’t really start, though, until Smith enters the building. It looks like Smith, with the help of Apple Music, is trying to revitalize his rap career. Good looks?

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