Bun B & Dr. Anthony Pinn Speak On Their Religion & Hip-Hop

We get the low-down on Bun B and Dr. Anthony Pinn’s new online course “Hip Hop & Religion.”

Bun B’s latest endeavor is one that’s pretty unprecedented in the rap game. This Spring, he’ll be co-teaching an online course called “Hip Hop & Religion” with Rice University professor Dr. Anthony Pinn, and we met up with him to get the scoop on this free course.

Pinn has been teaching a similar course at Rice for about 20 years, but because the class was capped at 200 students and he witnessed overwhelming demand, he decided to take it online this time around. Bun began as a guest lecturer, but thanks to a strong connection between him and Pinn, became a regular fixture in the classroom. According to them, this is the “only course that involves an artists and an academic in conversation in an ongoing way.”

If you’re interested in enrolling in the course, which begins on March 24th, you can register by going to edx.org and searching “RELI157X.”

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