Buxaburn: Rebel’s Delight

Buxaburn the West Coast Veteran MC, is back with his second single from the highly acclaimed LP “The Distance” entitled: “Rebels Delight”. Here you find Buxaburn paying homage to the supergroup “Public Enemy”, and expressing his views on the current status of society. This is all done over intense production from Bo’kem Allah’s gritty remake version of the 1987 smash hit, “Public Enemy No. 1”. Rebel’s Delight directed by Bo’kem Allah is a crucial video, featuring lyrics and footage relevant to the times we live in, where Buxaburn takes a stance in the freedom fight for justice and equality, in respect to the movements: #ICANTBREATHE and #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Written & Performed by Buxaburn and produced by Bo’kem Allah.

Contact: buxaburn.bandcamp.com or Buxaburn@gmail.com

Category: HipHop, Music, Videos