Ciara Gives A Fan A Lap Dance

A lucky fan gets a lap dance from Ciara during her “Jackie” tour.

Look on in envy, everyone who’s ever watched Ciara’s “Ride” video: the singer and (very skilled) dancer gave a random fan a lap dance at her most recent show. Kicking off her “Jackie” tour with a bang, CiCi had the man held down by her backup dancers while she did it front, back, side-to-side and even upside-down.

The dude’s expression is priceless throughout the video, but taking your eyes off of Ciara is a difficult task. She’s impressive all the way through, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the particular move that involves her springing out of a handstand and locking her legs around the guy’s waist. This dude just had the best night of his life.

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