Crazy: Armed Men Invade Barber Shop With Guns But Weren’t Ready For What Happened Next! (*Warning Graphic*)

A would-be robber died after he tried to hold up a barbers shop with a gun and didn’t realise the men inside were armed too. CCTV shows how two masked men – one armed with a handgun and one with a rifle – stormed into Next Up Barber Shop in South Carolina last week. They told staff and clients to hold their hands above their heads while they began turning out their pockets. But they didn’t realise that the lead stylist and his client both had concealed weapons permits – and were armed beneath their clothes. The clients in the barbers’ shop were caught in the middle of a shooting When one of the masked raiders told Elmurray Bookman to hand over his wallet, he told him it was across the room and pointed to a chair. The robber went to retrieve it and Bookman’s client leapt out of his chair, gun in hand and shot him. He later died in hospital. The man tried to flee from the back exit but the door was locked and he was shot a second time.

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