Danny Dosha – Kelsey

Music video for Kelsey (Audio) featuring Danielle Lee & Darwin Winston performed by Danny Dosha.

Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, songwriter/guitarist Danny Dosha has been excelling in his music career since early childhood, at the age of nine he began writing songs and recording cassette tapes on a old karaoke machine. Influences range from all genres from rock, rap, jazz, and blues. Also hiphop groups such as Wu-tang, The Pharcyde, Nirvana, and Bone Thugs, to single artist from Biggie, and Nas. He is also influenced by guitar players such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaugh, to Eric Clapton. Check out his single “Kelsey” featuring Danielle Lee and Darwin Winston.

Twitter: @DannyDosha
Instagram: Dannydosha

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