DeJ Loaf “Me U & Hennessy” Video

Dej Loaf shares a video for “Me U & Hennessy.”

The subject matter of most of Dej Loaf’s songs belie her mild-mannered, soft-spoken persona. She may sound meek, but she’s rapping and singing about catching bodies and turning down major label deals. “Me U & Hennessy,” taken from last year’s excellent Sell Sole tape, is the exception.

On this one, she lets her voice roll around DDS’ languid production, which is her standard mode of operation, but this time, she’s actually singing a love song. The video syncs perfectly, showing Dej laying on a bed and walking on a beach at night, looking like every bit of the fashion icon she’s become.

The last bit of the video is the most exciting, though, as Lil Wayne’s voice shows up for a few seconds, teasing a remix of the track featuring him.

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