Dizzy Wright Feat. Berner “I Can Tell You Needed It” Video

Dizzy Wright & Berner link up for the “I Can Tell You Needed It” video.

It’s 4/20, so if you’ve got a video featuring Berner in the bank, best drop it today. That’s what Dizzy Wright’s done, sharing his “I Can Tell You Needed It” visuals, which feature the Taylor Gang rapper, today. A fittingly cloudy, blunted clip, this one’s perfect for the holidaze.

Posted up while smoking a variety of objects (including a comically large blunt), Wright and Berner blaze their way through the heavy-lidded, subtly jazzy track, making for quite the dynamic duo. “I Can Tell You Needed It” will be included on Wright’s upcoming album, The Growing Process, due out on May 26th. Check it out at GMinds!

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