DJ Khaled Speaks On His Snapchat Success

DJ Khaled, the King of Snapchat, speaks on his inimitable success with ABC’s Nightline.

DJ Khaled has become a larger figure as of late thanks to his 24/7 presence on Snapchat. If you follow him, you know that he is constantly Snapping his daily routine, whether that’s an egg-white breakfast “they” don’t want you to eat, elliptical talk, or watering his flowers. He’s seen a sudden increase in popularity thanks to Snapchat alone– he estimates in this ABC Nightline segment that half of his followers are new-found fans, thanks to his Snapchat.

The segment which aired last night gives you a look at Khaled’s Snapchat routine and just how successful he is. Within a second of posting one quick Snap, he receives 2 million views, while he’s reached 6 million followers on the social platform.

Take a look above.

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