Drake Says Moving To NYC To Pursue Music Is “Dead Now”

Drake X Sprite are killing the branded content game today with the first installment of “Obey Your Thirst,” courtesy of FADER. File this one under Sprite’s hip-hop ad campaign and featured Drake, Nas,Rakim, and Notorious BIG and has already aired a Drake X Nas “Obey Your Thirst” ad.

As he reflected on his career arc, Drake said that NYC is no longer a requisite stop on the road to fame.

The artists from our city, their whole objective was to get out,” he said. “So I just had to flip that way of thinking. All these guys that are like, ‘you gotta go to New York to make it happen.’ No you don’t, man. That’s dead now…. Do it the way I did it. Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that’s all it takes.”

Here are a few other #deep gems from the segment:

“Just rapping is not really that impressive any more. There just has to be more, you have to be a multi-layered artist.”

“Effort that’s put into doubt or hate, when it’s that extreme — it’s the same thing as love, man. They’re confused, it’s not me.”

I’m not worried about these other rappers, I’m not competing with those guys. I already know their hand, I know their move. I study everything. I’m worried about the kid that’s sitting in his house that wants to better than me and all those guys. That’s who I’m competing right now.”

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