Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Common, & More Read “Mean Tweets” On Jimmy Kimmel

“Drake looks like a ferrat with a baby afro!”

It’s that time of the year again. After the airing of Monday night’s Grammy’s, Jimmy Kimmel’s third annual “mean tweets” segment was aired, this time again featuring Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Rita ORa, Common, and more. And as expected, it was absolutely hilarious.

Watch as Drake reads about “looking like a ferrat with a baby afro!,” and Wiz “smells like Biz Markie’s toilet brush” in this third segment of mean tweets above. From the looks of the artists & their clothing, this segment appears to have been taped last year, but that’s irrelevant when it comes to humor & these tweets. Check it out.

Category: Comedy, HipHop, Pop