Eddie Huang Kicks It With Cam’ron, Vince Staples, & DJ Prince Paul

Eddie Huang links up with Cam’ron & Vince Staples in the Scion.

We are living in the golden age of branded content. This time around, Scion links up with funny man Eddie Huang (“I love stretch marks on cars, and thighs”), as he drives a freshly waxed Scion iA around Los Angeles to pick up Cam’ron, Vince Staples, Prince Paul, and a host of other musicians. Together they continue to whip around the city, discussing Dipset’s beginnings, rat tails on Tinder, and the meaning of life along the way.

Huang also produced a curated mixtape with Scion, stay tuned for the first song off that with Keith Ape, coming soon!

Category: Comedy, HipHop, Interviews