Eminem Previews New Song In Beats Ad

A snippet of a new Eminem song called “Phenomenal” appears in the new Beats By Dre ad.

If you’re Eminem in 2015, you’re not dropping new music unless you get a fat brand partnership check out of it first. His upcoming track “Phenomenal” is already set to be featured in the boxing film “Southpaw,” but first, he gave the rights to Beats By Dre so they could share a snippet in their latest commercial.

Recalling the NBA’s use of “Not Afraid” in nearly every 2010 playoffs game, this ad has Draymond Green drowning out the sound of paparazzi with some Fire Beats By Em™. This isn’t a premiere, or even the longest snippet we’ve heard, though, as the song already appeared in a “Southpaw” trailer in March.

Will we get a new Eminem album in 2015?

Category: Commercial, HipHop