Excessive? Ohio Police Arrest Teens After A Fight At A Public Pool!

Police in Fairfield, Ohio, are the latest to face allegations of excessive force after officers responded to a report of a fight at a public pool. One of the women arrested in the incident is also alleging that race may have played a factor in how officers responded.A fight reportedly broke out at the Fairfield Aquatic Center last week after staff told Krystal Dixon, 33, that her children would have to leave because they weren’t wearing proper swim attire. Signs reportedly posted at the pool state swimmers must have appropriate swimwear.
Police said Dixon “aggressively confronted pool staff” and a physical confrontation ensued. When a park ranger with the city was apparently unable to break up the fight, the official called police.
When officers arrived on scene, Dixon allegedly shoved an officer and was still refusing to leave, so she was arrested. Police said the mother also told a juvenile to “get a Taser from her purse” during the confrontation. The police report also alleges that another female suspect, Maya Dixon, 34, proceeded to strike an officer and was joined by several of the juveniles present during the incident. Several people are clearly seen on video actively resisting arrest, but the moments leading up to the chaos are not shown.Fairfield Police Chief Mike Dickey said his officers’ actions had nothing to do with race and everything to do with “behavior.” He argued the officers showed “restraint” by not using their weapons when they were “attacked.”

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