Fetty Wap – Decline (Remix)

Check out Fetty Wap’s new video for “Decline” remix.

Taking a back from his newly-released self-titled debut album, Fetty Wap decides to revisit last month’s “Decline” freestyle and drop off a quick video in its support.

Directed by Brainfilmz, the video finds fetty stunting on his tour bus while on the road, flashing fat stacks of cash & flaunting his designer clothes & his icy jewelry. It’s a braggadocios video that’s been rightfully earned for Fetty’s incredible success over these past couples months. Stunt away Fetty stunt away.

In other news, Fetty Wap is still recovering from a bad motorcycle accident he was involved in last Saturday afternoon in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. We’ll keep you posted as more on this surfaces.

Category: HipHop, Music