Fetty Wap Explains What Happened To His Eye

Fetty Wap explains how he lost his vision in one of his eyes.

The rapper behind “Trap Queen” is quickly rising in the game, with “Trap Queen” even charting on the Hot 100 singles chart these days. We scooped him up earlier for an episode of On The Come Up, which was definitely a sufficient introduction to the Paterson, New Jersey MC, however, during our interview, one subject he would not broach was his mysterious blind eye. Fetty Wap has become instantly recognizable because of his eye, and he’s finally decided to share with the world what happened. As it turns out, it was not the result of living street life but the result of a medical condition, congenital glaucoma. The doctors were able to save one of his eyes but not the other. Although he used to wear a prosthesis but decided not to wear it anymore after he started going viral and his eye became a hot topic. Watch and subscribe at GMinds!

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