“Flicka Da Wrist” Vine Compilation

Watch some of the best “Flicka Da Wrist” Vines as the song explodes on the social platform.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard or seen “Flicka Da Wrist” in one way or another. Chedda Da Connect is gaining a ton of publicity because of all the Vine videos using his “Flicka Da Wrist” song, and other hip-hop artists are taking notice too, with 2 Chainz recently dropping a remix of the song, as well as Chedda dropping an MMG remix with Rick Ross.

If you’re not on Vine, you can catch all the best wrist-flicking Vines right here in one of our first compilations. Spider-Man and the Queen definitely kill the wrist-flicking motion. Take a look above.

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