Future – Blood On The Money

Future attends a funeral in “Blood on the Money.”

Future Hendrix has been sure to follow up Dirty Sprite 2 with several visuals from the project, including “Where Ya At,” “Kno the Meaning,” & the quickly rescinded “I Serve the Base.” This time “Blood on the Money” gets the visual treatment and it might be the best one yet.

In the Rite Bros-directed video, Future attends a funeral, decked out in the all black, but there’s no body in the casket. It’s filled with money. The “Blood on the Money” vid tells the story of what really happened to the fallen man and the fate of his dead body. At the end Future and the Freebandz crew return at night to exhume the money casket and DJ Esco jubilantly dives into the pile of bills. Victory.

Category: HipHop, Music