Future Breaks Down His Mixtapes

Watch Future briefly break down each one of his mixtapes in this new feature from Mass Appeal.

After gracing the cover of Mass Appeal earlier this week, Future decided to briefly speak with the publication about each one of his mixtapes. Breaking them down, Future Hendrix explains how his mindset and creative approach evolved over the course of his discography, from his debut effort 1000 to the mixtape that “never happened.”

“1000 was the first mixtape I ever dropped. I just wanted to be real from the jump.” He then follows up with comments about the first Dirty Sprite tape, adding, “I was just high as hell. All the time…I just wanted the music to sound high. I wanted people to have an experience when they listened to it. Feel like they was just in another world.”

Later, Future talked about working with Gucci Mane for about a week straight before knowing they had a project together. Watch all that and more in the clip above.

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