Future “Peacoat” Video

Future shares the video for “Peacoat”.

Releasing 3 mixtapes over the last 6 months, Future has a lot of material to choose from when it comes to videos. At this rate, it seems his plan may be to roll out videos for each and every song from Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 Nights. With that model in place, Fewtch should have no trouble riding out the whole year off that music alone, but we know he’s got at least one more project with Mike WiLL on the way, so this all could just be a warm up.

Still, the Askronaut’s new trilogy won’t be getting old any time soon, with “Commas” still climbing the charts, while pretty much any other record could be booming out of a car at this very moment. The new video for “Peacoat” places it firmly with that rotation.

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