G-Eazy Talks About His New Album, Picking Up Ladies, & More On Hot 97

Watch G-Eazy talk about his new album, picking up ladies, and more on Hot 97.

To promote his newly-released When It’s Dark Out album, Bay Area’s G-Eazy made his way out East to the Big Apple, where he paid a visit to the Hot 97 studios to chop it up with gang from Ebro in the Morning.

Sitting down for nearly a half-hour, G-Eazy speaks about his new album, his pick-up game with the ladies, wearing the same pair of jeans for 2 years, and a whole lot more. However, he doesn’t take this interview too seriously and dodges many of the questions with a sarcastic and/or goofy response. Nonetheless, fans will still appreciate it.

Watch the interview above.

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