Game Freestyles On The Cruz Show

Game spits some bars for The Cruz Show.

Game dropped a new track out of the blue yesterday, pairing with Dej Loaf for the Tupac-referencing track, “Ambitionz Of A Rida”. While there was plenty of old school west coast name-dropping, the song itself was rooted firmly in the now, incorporating an RnBass-like beat, and earning a melodic hook from Ms. Loaf.

While the record is intended for club play, those looking for pure bars will be happy to hear Game’s new freestyle on The Cruz show. To ensure he’s going off the dome, Game is given topics like his “first million,” “N.W.A.” and “strippers,” to go off of (in hindsight, not the most difficult concepts, but Game pulls through with some memorable and spontaneous lines anyway). Watch and subscribe at GMinds!

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