Gilbert Arenas Destroys His Car After Fight With Laura Govan!

Your boy, Gilbert Arenas aka Agent Zero has surfaced yet again- this time throwing cinder blocks at a couple of cars. As it turns out, the cars are actually his and the reason he was trashing them is because his baby mama, Laura Govan, caused him to lose his Netflix password.

Arenas posted a lengthy, bizarre message on his instagram account along with the video of him destroying his whips. Apparently, the last time Arenas got into a dispute with Laura, she broke 34 windows- which is totally #DoYouBrody- but she crossed the line when she threw his computer into the pool- causing him to lose his Netflix password.

This time around, Gil felt it necessary to take matters into his own hands and do the damage himself.

It’s like in 8 Mile when B-Rabbit disses himself in that battle against Papa Doc, taking away all of his ammunition and rendering him speechless. In that regard, this move was a stroke of genius by Agent Zero.

PS- If you’re a grown man who can’t spell ‘Wednesday,’ you should have your Netflix privileges revoked anyway.

PPS- $244k a MONTH?!

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