Go BTS Of Action Bronson’s “Baby Blue” Video Shoot

Get a behind the scenes look at the zany video shoot for Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper’s “Baby Blue”.

Action Bronson’s Mr. Wonderful drops in two days (March 23), and to up the hype, Bronson gives us a behind the scenes look at the upcoming video for the single “Baby Blue”, which features Chance the Rapper. The official video will be premiered during the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, also on March 23.

After the sneak peek, we still can’t describe the video’s general premise, though we know it will be the type of comedy that only Bronsalino can bring. Bronson will play a few different characters in the video, including: a hook-nosed old man, a groom who gets strangled by his new bride, and a 1950s barbershop owner dressed in all plaid–and probably a few more. We’re unsure of Chance’s role, but we get a shot of him sitting in a barber’s chair.

We’ve seen the wonderfully insane videos to “Easy Rider” and “Actin Crazy” and expect “Baby Blue” to be just as special.

On March 23, cop Mr. Wonderful and tune in to the YouTube Music Awards to get the first glimpse of the “Baby Blue” video.

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