J. Cole’s HBO Documentary “Road To Homecoming” (Episode 3)

Watch the third episode in J. Cole’s “Road to Homecoming” HBO series.

J. Cole teamed up with HBO for a special documentary tracking his nights leading up to his Homecoming show for his 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour this past year. Cole has been rolling out the documentary in episodes, with the final episode being the Homecoming show in North Carolina. While we wait on HBO to air that on January 9th, we’re being treated to the third episode, “This Is What You Wanted.”

In this episode, we get to hear from members of Cole’s teams about the records they play live, and why they’ve often shied away from certain mixtape cuts that weren’t certified “hits.” Cole also speaks on signing to Jay Z at 24, and how the music industry has changed over the years, while also lamenting not putting up Friday Night Lights for sale.

All that, and more, above.

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