Jay Z Fan Goes Off On Nicki Minaj & ISIS

Peep some bonus footage from this week’s Word On The Street.

In this week’s episode of Word On The Street, we asked New Yorkers how they feel about Jay Z’s new pet project, TIDAL. The responses were mixed (at least from those who knew what TIDAL was to begin with), however there was no confusing this lady’s enthusiasm for anything Jay Z-related.

When asked about TIDAL, she responded unsure, “who’s TIDAL?” When told it was Jay Z’s new streaming service, she immediately said, “That’s my shit!” Before going on to elaborate on just HOW Brooklyn she is, with ratchet iPad in tow.

Among other highlights from our Word On The Street encounter; this lady does NOT like Nicki Minaj, and she thinks Hilary Clinton will win the presidential election.

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