Jeezy Discusses Obama’s Legacy, Racial Progress On The Nightly Show

“Obama can’t fix this sh*t for us, we gotta fix it as black men.”

Since premiering in January, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore has been angling to develop a young, hip-hop savvy audience by inviting such rappers as The Game, Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, and Big KRIT to discuss political issues.

Fresh off the release of his Politically Correct EP on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, Jeezy joined comedians Mike Yard, James Davis, and host Larry Wilmore to discuss Obama’s legacy as the first black president?

“Has Obama done enough for black people and is that his job?” was the question posed by Wilmore. Jeezy had possibly the most to say of any rapper that’s appeared on the show.

“It’s still politics, so he can’t take his personal opinion and say, ‘okay this happened to Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and this is how I feel,’ he’s still speaking for the nation,” said Jeezy.

He chuckled as he suggested that Obama should be both “a gentleman and a gangster.” And he agreed with his co-panelist’s sentiment that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is in part a response to the inability of Obama to help black American.

“[#BlackLivesMatter] is “the call of the people,” he said. “I believe if you really want to keep it 100, Obama can’t fix this shit for us, we gotta fix it as black men. We gotta raise our kids better.”

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