Jhene Aiko Speaks On “Groceries” Lyrics While Grocery Shopping

Jhene Aiko speaks on her lyrics “eat the booty like groceries” while she’s grocery shopping.

Jhene Aiko’s “but he gotta eat the booty like groceries” lyric off Omarion’s single “Post To Be” is arguably the best part of the song, and definitely helped propel it to hit status. Inspired by booty-eating advocates like Kevin Gates, Jhene’s line has become incessantly quoted IRL and on the web.

While in NYC, Rob Markman of MTV went grocery shopping with Jhene to discuss the song lyrics in question and find out more about Jhene’s actual grocery habits and what she likes to cook. The singer ends with saying, “It’s more of a metaphor for life…Booty is like life…” Go eat the booty.

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