Kanye West Demolishes Opposition In SNL Rap Battle

Kanye brings the hammer down with “The Life of Pablo” interlude “I Love Kanye.”

ICYMI, Kanye Westperformed “Ultralight Beam” & “Highlights” with Chance the Rapper & Young Thug on SNL this weekend. A few days prior, Kanye filmed an SNL skit called “Kyle vs. Kanye” that pits him in a rap battle against SNL cast member Kyle Mooney.

Kyle, unsure of his future on SNL and emboldened by his hip hop roots (he was a “really, really, really, really, really, really, really good” break dancer), ambushes Kanye by challenging him to a rap battle.

“Kanye West, you need a mint for your Kanye breath,” Kyle raps. “And when I’m done with you, there’s gonna be no Kanyes left.”

Kanye claps back with a powerful rendition of “I Love Kanye,” (which just received a soulful remix from Chicago producer Stefan Ponce) effectively ending Kyle’s rap career.

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