Kendrick Lamar Took Kids From His Old High School To The Grammys

Kendrick kicked it with students from his alma matter, Compton’s Centennial High, and took them to the Grammys in a limo.

There are no words that can fully encapsulate the magnitude of Kendrick Lamar’s performance last night at the Grammys. The five Grammys are nice, but his AOTY loss to Taylor Swift truly solidified the Grammy whackness… but we’ll always have that performance.

Anyways, Kendrick teamed up with Reebok Classic to give a handful kids from his alma mater, Compton’s Centennial High School, tickets to attend the Grammys in person. Earlier that day, the kids spent some quality time with Kendrick asking him questions, then he sent them off to the Staples Center in a limo. They’ll be telling their grandkids about the experience.

Kendrick was awarded the key to the city of Compton over the weekend for his work in the community. Then he went and did that at the Grammys. Dude’s a legend.

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