Kid Cudi Discusses Role In Entourage

Watch Kid Cudi speak on his role in the forthcoming Entourage movie.

The forthcoming Entourage movie is absolutely stacked with celebrity cameos: Jessica Alba, T.I., Russell Wilson, Mark Wahlberg, Pharrell, Kevin Durant, Warren Buffett, the homie Baron Davis… the list goes on and on. Possibly the only celebrity appearing in the film but not playing himself is Kid Cudi. Dressed to the nines in a recent interview, Cudi discussed his character Allen, Ari Gold’s new assistant and the successor to Lloyd.

“It’s fun to see the nervousness, see someone who can’t always bite back at Ari,” Cudi said. “He kind of has to take the brunt of everything. This guy really just wants to be the next Ari Gold.”

He says playing someone other than himself was a conscious decision. “I really wanted to try to give people a different type of character, a different type of persona of me,” he said.

The Entourage movie is out this week.

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