Kidd Kidd Documentary Examines New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina

Watch the 30-minute doc about post-Katrina New Orleans.

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States, New Orleans is still on the mend. NOLA-bred G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd teamed up with RLLNR to produce documentary “New Warleans: Katrina 10 Years Later,” heading far from the French Quarter to investigate how the hurricane impacted and continues to impact the poorest parts of the city.

“My motivation for putting this together was one thing: the city itself, period,” Kidd Kidd said about the documentary. “Even if Katrina wouldn’t have happened, I still would’ve been putting this together. I want to use my voice to bring the issues going on to the forefront.”

Shot and directed by Cam Kirk & Eddie Mensore, “New Warleans” follows Kidd Kidd as he talks to his barber, his mom, and former city councilman Oliver Thomas. “I chose everyday people to help get my point across–the people that most media can’t get to, or that they don’t care to reach—but these are the real representatives for what’s going on,” he said.” “If this reaches the right people who are willing to help make changes—I’m willing to go down there myself with them and work on things, whether it’s a donation or volunteering/community activism.”

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