Lil Wayne & Ja Rule Discuss Their Favorite Prison Snacks

Lil Wayne and Ja Rule reminisce about prison food.

All the way back in 2007, after performing a show together in NYC, Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were both arrested on guns and drug charges. Wayne began his sentence almost two years later, serving eight months, while Ja didn’t go away until June 2011, doing 23 months and getting out in May 2013.

Both rappers spent time in Rikers Island in New York and, looking back, they were able to share a laugh about their mutual experiences– well, about the food, at least.

Footage of Ja calling Wayne via Skype shows Ja asking Wayne about his favorite prison meal, to which Weezy responds: chicken, only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When it comes to commissary, though, Wayne was able to get more creative: He’d make his favorite snack by crunching up a bag of Doritos and pouring them into his Ramen noodles. Judging by Ja’s reaction, Wayne wasn’t the only one to discover the concoction: “Ooh, the Doritos with the Ramens nigga!”

The clip will reportedly be shown in an episode of Ja Rule’s upcoming reality show on MTV, “Follow the Rules.”

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