Locksmith Might Be The Best Conscious Rapper In The Game After This Freestyle

Watch Locksmith and GQ spit a true backseat freestyle.

The latest Team Backpack X Hip-Hop Lyft cypher features Locksmith and GQ riding around San Francisco and rapping, kind of like Dave Chappelle and Mos Def riding around NYC in that one Chappelle Show skit.

Locksmith and GQ take a verse apiece. GQ’s backstreet freestyle is rock solid but quickly forgotten once Locksmith takes the mic around the 2:30 mark and puts his toolkit on display. If a rhyme is not multisyllabic, it is not good enough for Locksmith.

Of Iranian and African-American descent, Locksmith is Immortal Technique turned 1.5 notches down with flawless lyrics. His verse is one long “Quotable Lyrics” section. Here’s a snippet.

“They tell us,
White people, right people. Red people, dead people.
Black people lack equal rights for hope.
Our democracy’s a mockery, the whole thing hypocrisy,
Your ballet only counts towards the popular vote.”

Aight then.

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