Logic Explains Background Story Behind “The Incredible True Story”

Watch Logic tell the story of how Earth was destroyed on his album “The Incredible True Story”.

Coming fresh off the release of his #1 hip-hop album The Incredible True Story, Logic made his way by the Rapgenius Genius headquarters recently, and talked about the origin of the album’s background story.

Sitting down with Rob Markman, Logic explains a story about how the concept album is set 100 years in the future and is set on “paradise.” He later goes on to further explain how we get to that “paradise,” saying Earth gets destroyed and we’re forced to leave the planet after everything is wiped out. Sounds pretty crazy don’t it? Well it is, and it’s quiet in depth as well. Watch the 4-minute story above.

In case you didn’t hear, Logic’s sophomore album has landed him the #1 hip-hop album in the world, selling an impressive 135K units in the opening week. Show your support on iTunes if you haven’t already.

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