Mac Miller Compares Donald Trump To A Struggle Rapper On The Nightly Show

Mac Miller stopped by the Nightly Show to talk about his beef with Donald Trump.

Many rap beefs are long forgotten, but one that we’ll always remember is Mac Miller Vs. Donald Trump. While it’s been a few years since Trump decided to start picking on “Little Mac Miller” after Mac called him a dickhead in an interview, Trump has been quite the hot topic these days, so Mac got a chance to revisit his feud in the latest episode of the Nightly Show.

“I think it’s less a statement about Trump, and more a statement about America — that this is even kinda working,” Mac said of his nemesis’ insane tactics to gain a following in his presidential campaign, but the highlight comes when he compares Trump to a struggle rapper on Twitter. Watch him discuss the curious case of Donald Trump with Brooke Van Poppelen, Mike Yard, and host Larry Wilmore above.

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