Martin Shkreli Discusses Ghostface Killah Beef On The Breakfast Club

Shkreli stopped by The Breakfast Club for a civil conversation about the secret Wu-Tang album, his Ghostface beef, and his controversial business practices.

Martin Shkreli recently delivered a chilling yet hilarious ultimatum to Ghostface Killah in which he accused Ghost of “crying to the jake and said “You’re my son. Without me, you’re nothing.”

Shkreli appeared significantly more sober and measured in his interview this morning with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Charlemagne tha God, who gave Shkreli his much-coveted Donkey of the Day award last week, refused to shake Shkreli’s hand and kicked off the interview by asking him if he was a “privileged, entitled prick.”

Shkreli actually gave a respectable answer before going on to discuss the secret Wu-Tang album, his infamous 5000% AIDS medicine markup, and his beef with Ghostface. He said he’s a Wu-Tang fan and “has a huge amount of respect” for the Clan and emphasized the difference between music and real-life. “It’s not a hip hop thing,” Shkreli said of his beef with Ghostface. “It’s a man thing.”

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